Sunday, December 22, 2013

2014: The year of OUTPUT

This is really, really.... nice, Richie. 
As the year comes to a close, I, like most begin to reflect on all I’ve accomplished. And like most overly self-critical, over-worked, perfectionists, I’ve accomplished “nothing.” Now, if someone says, “Really? Nothing?” I can usually produce a few things that to most definitely qualify as accomplishments. Living in a city like Los Angeles as an artist, where there are millions like you does not help. MILLIONS. They are all working hard. They are all producing art. Someone is always working harder or producing more art than you and they’re probably doing it better. (Well… that’s subjective obviously. But remember, self-loathing and overly-critical over here.)  Whenever I get an idea to create something, whether it is a blog, a sketch, a song, or even a joke, I find myself saying things like “No one want to read/watch/listen to/fund/go to that!”  “People are gonna think I’m weird/corny/talentless/dumb for sharing this.” Or, “People are gonna think I’m arrogant or self-involved if I share this about myself.” What’s even worse is that there are the projects that have been started and even finished that I can’t bring myself to share because they aren’t “perfect.” And “So and so did something like this and its pretty good, soooo…. I’ll just let them bask in the glory of accomplishment.”

Future art critic. 
Then it becomes so easy to sit on my couch, on my computer and make fun of all the awful, awful art out there. The bad movies, the bad jokes, the bad YouTube videos, the bad books, the bad scripts, the bad photos, the bad songs, etc, etc…  Because it’s hilarious to make fun of people for working really hard and sharing a project with the world, right? As I’ve learned, No, it is not. I’m making fun because I’m jealous with an unhealthy intensity.

Have you ever wondered “Why in the world is THAT guy/girl famous?” It is probably because he/she is the “hardest working
Seriously, HOW is this guy still working. The WORST.
guy/girl in show business.” He/she probably produces at such a rate, and self-promotes at such a rate that he/she is impossible to ignore. And it is likely that because they've got so much experience producing and self-promoting, that at least ONE great thing is created and there you have success. However you define it. Can you imagine if ALL the world's most talented shared with us ALL the time? It would be an amazing place! 

So, in the spirit of the New Year, I’ve declared 2014 the year of “OUTPUT.” I pledge to share everything I create and I promise to create those ideas that have been floating around in my head for years. I’d like to begin with something that I’ve wanted to do for YEARS but have never done because I was sure people would not want to listen and they would think I was a super cornball. Here it goes: I recorded some Christmas Music. I recorded it so hard, it happened in the same recording studio where Guns n’ Roses recorded ‘Appetite for Destruction’ and No Doubt recorded ‘Tragic Kingdom’ and many others. I FINALLY did it and it was an awesome experience and I will never regret it. I admit it world, I like to sing and I’m CHWEER FOR CHRISTMAS!

 I must say a special “Thank you!” to David Duarte for the studio time and his exceptional skill.

I hope this post finds you all well and inspires you to make 2014 the year of “OUTPUT” for you, too! The world needs whatever you have to offer! 

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