Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Inside the Box- Ep. 3- Katy Likovich

Episode 3 is here! Inside the Box welcomes new panelist, Meagan English with Special guest and actress, Katy Likovich. They discuss why Randi thinks New Year's Resolutions are a crock, Katy's future as a Disney star, how Katy saved Ollie the Cat, and why animals are so wonderful. We address wrestling and Heavy Metal as our first request for topics. And Andrea introduces a new weekly segment, "ITB woman of the week." Listen to find out who our first honoree is! You can also download us on Itunes here. Please enjoy our Instagram photo on the player. (Pictured: starting top left: Randi, Andrea, Meagan, and little, angsty Katy.) 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Inside the Box- Episode 2- Carissa Kosta

In this episode of Inside the Box, funny lady extraordinaire, Carissa Kosta joins host, Andrea Chesley and co-host, Randi Straight for a discussion on the business of being funny and a woman, Carissa's midwest roots, Randi's adventures in Hollywood, and that terrible new Kristen Bell Christmas song. Enjoy! (Thank you to Carissa because she didn't know her headshot would be the thumbnail for this episode.) You can also download us for free on Itunes here. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Inside the Box Ep. 1- Michaela Myers

The first episode of Inside the Box is here! Follow the "Inside the Box" link on this page for more information about the show and it's hosts!
This episode is hosted by Andrea Chesley, co-hosted by Randi Straight, and panelist Stephani Casey with special guest, actress and comedian, Michaela Myers. Tune in to hear us discuss life in Los Angeles, college majors, and the complexities of understanding Shia Labeouf.