Monday, May 4, 2015

Inside the Box: Episode 10- Christina Barsi

Artwork for DIMENSION by Sebastien Rossouw
Sorry for the delay in posts as I moved to the desert and things are different and weird now. However, now that I've finally developed a bit of a routine, I should be able to post more frequently. Episode 10 is the first of many episodes of "Inside the Box" in the new edited format. (Because none of my LA peeps are willing to drive to Joshua Tree every week.) Each week will feature a new guest with a forward from me, your host, Andrea Chesley. This week's guest is actress, writer, and fellow podcaster, Christina Barsi. She talks about her Sci-Fi podcast, Dimension, and the re-release of seasons 1 and 2. We also get to know her and the road she's taken to get here and what the future holds. Enjoy.