Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Inside the Box: Episode 7- Katie Watson

This week's episode is hosted by Andrea Chesley, co-hosted by Randi Straight with returning panelist, Meagan English. Our guest is Katie Watson, business affairs coordinator at David&Goliath, and one of Andrea's friends from high school. Listen in as she reveals her path to success, from top athlete and student body president to landing a job at one of Los Angeles' top Ad Agencies. The two martini lunch is back for Katie! Also, she reveals her secret love for a good, girly cocktail. Things also get a little steamy as we discuss one of The Huffington Posts most "scandalous" lists. Thank you to Katie for letting me use her high school photo from our yearbook for the player photo! See what our student body president has been up to. (Go Knights!) 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Inside the Box Episode 6- Jenny Cadena

From right: Ana, Andrea, Jenny, Randi
Episode 6 of Inside the Box is, as always, hosted by Andrea and co-hosted by Randi. This week, new panelist, Ana joins us with special guest, Colombian-born actress and activist, Jenny Cadena! We discuss the purpose of Inside the Box, Randi's new segment, "Randi's super irrelevant movie review," late-life religious conversions, activism, female roles in film, the tough business of acting, and how to survive in Hollywood with "unpopular" political views. Listen here or download us on Itunes! 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Inside the Box- Ep. 5 - Amanda Maddox and Zak Dunn

Episode 5 of Inside the Box is hosted by Andrea Chesley and co-
Front: Amanda, Zak  Back: Randi, Andrea, Stephani
hosted by Randi Straight with panelist, Stephani Casey. This week we welcomed Kentucky born Actress and Singer, Amanda Maddox, and ultimate outdoorsman, Zak Dunn to discuss the upcoming movie, Gripped, starring Maddox with production and rock climbing expertise by Dunn. On this week's show, we discuss why we shouldn't discuss Shia Labeouf in Sia's new music video, Amanda's NEW film about OLD Hollywood, a Queer Noir, if you will,  in pre-production called, Sleepwalk, the climbers who are attempting to climb the Dawn wall of El Capitan, and Zak surprises us with the story of how he became a "Dirt Bag." Everybody tune in and don't forget you can download us for free directly from Itunes here! 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Inside the Box: Episode 4- Andrea Hansen

(from left: Randi, Andrea (Host), Stephani, Andrea (Guest))
This week's episode features my fellow "Andrea," best friend, and the unbelievably accomplished, Andrea Hansen. She joins me, my co-host Randi, and panelist Stephani for laughs about life, adult family relationships, dance, and beauty pageants! We got so caught up in conversation, that I completely forgot to add in my new "ITB Woman of the Week" segment, so be sure to catch my TWO honorees for next week!  You can also tune in on Itunes here.