Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Season 2 Premiere!

It has arrived!

The 2nd season of Inside The Box is in full swing with the season premiere, "Introductions!" In this funny, heartfelt, edited collection of interviews, I introduce you to the 11 women who will be featured throughout the season. This extended episode gives you a peep inside these inspirational women's lives and to mine! The women of this season are, Amy Adams, Tara Donovan, Lisa Starry, Charlotte Crow, Carla Delaney, Kimberly Condict, Katie Walder, Sierra Delgado, Fara D'aguiar, Madelynn Elyse, and Stephani Casey. These women are fascinating as they discuss both their careers and personal lives and the attempt to find the perfect balance. Enjoy and tune in every Monday for new episodes. Next week: "Hometowns: and what makes them fantastic... or not so fantastic."

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